[e-book] Debunking the Gamification myths – part 9/10

Learn how gamification can really help you engage and motivate your audience.

– Myth 3 : Gamification will create value out of thin air –


With all the hype around it, Gamification has gained some sort of a magical aura. And like always in magic, there are the people that are scared of it and the ones that believe blindly.

Gamification is not magic and it is certainly not a collection of cheap tricks. Like we said before it derives from the in-depth studies of consumer behaviors, and as any social science, it is as much art as it is science. It means there is not an exact mathematical formula to describe how to do it, but there are strong empirical evidences from various experiments that will show you what works in different situations.


Gamification is a skillful combination of science and art, not a magic trick or the philisopher’s stone.

Remember the fourth definition we gave: Gamification is data-driven. If you cannot measure the impact, you are probably doing it the wrong way.

As for the candid believers, they should understand that Gamification is not the miracle solution to all their users’ acquisition and engagement problems. Gamification will not work (or rather not for long) if your contents, products, services etc… are not good. It will not make a crappy website or mobile app look like a good one. Gamification helps people to discover and engage with your offer, it does not replace it.

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