[e-book] Debunking the Gamification myths – part 8/10

Learn how gamification can really help you engage and motivate your audience.

– Myth 2 : Gamification means installing mini-games –


This is another myth we encounter quite frequently. Managers do not want to start a Gamification program because they believe it means installing a video game on their platform. On the opposite side, you have managers who believed they have implemented a Gamification program because they offer their users to play a version of Tetris or CandyCrush that uses their products or brand instead of the original game one.

candy crush crossed

As you can guess they are both wrong. Gamification is not a game. Games use Gamification, that is what makes them compelling. Gamification is not a distraction, it aims at improving your KPI and engage your users with your products, content etc… A game is just a way to try to get people to spend more time on your website, hoping they will eventually do something else, so it is not connected to your business.

Gamification is the contrary. It does not distract people from your offer but rather focus them on it and gradually increase their awareness of it.

However, your Gamification programs can include some games. For example, after they have achieved a significant step of the program you can offer people an opportunity to win an actual reward. But instead of giving it to them, you include a lottery or a puzzle game, making the outcome more uncertain. It will give even more value to the reward, regardless of its actual monetary value.

Also, if you are yourself a casual gamer, you can get a lot of inspiration from the ones you play. The idea is not to replicate them but to understand their structure and their mechanics, what makes you play them. It is not a bad idea either to look at poorly crafted games to see what is repulsive about them. It is a great way to come up with new ideas to motivate your audience.

So don’t be scared to see your website transformed into Farmville and don’t be fooled by people who try to pass their games for an actual engagement strategy.

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