[e-book] Debunking the Gamification myths – part 5/10

Learn how gamification can really help you engage and motivate your audience.

– Part 5 : Motivation is fueled by statistics –


You most likely use statistics every day to take business decisions: to measure sales performance, the conversation rate of your new homepage or decide between two investment options. But how often do you use them to engage your audience?

If you want to motivate people to do something, you have to give them a precise goal and real-time feedback about their progresses towards reaching it. If you do not, you will open the door for ambiguity, suspicion and ultimately discouragement.

We said it earlier: Gamification is data-driven. It uses statistics about the users’ behaviors to measure their progress, incentivize desired outcomes and grant rewards. That is why you have to get your data out of your CRMs and spreadsheets, and to give them back to the users to who they belong.

stats gamification

This may not seem intuitive at first but you have to change your point of view about statistics, because they are a key ingredient in creating a compelling story for your users. Think about the sports industry without statistics. What would commentators and fans talk about?

WoW gamification

Statistics are fun and entertaining. You just need to find the proper narrative. Just look at the two pictures on this page to understand. Unlike what you may think they are both the same thing: a visual representation of statistics. The difference is that the one on the right is doing it with an excellent narrative that makes it incredibly compelling. Obviously this particular narrative only appeals to a certain kind of users but you get the point. People are now engaged and they want to see what comes next.

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