[e-book] Debunking the Gamification myths – part 1/10

Learn how gamification can really help you engage and motivate your audience.

– Part 1 : Why Gamification is a serious business –


If you have not lived in a cave for the past three or four years, chances are that you have heard about Gamification: a set of tools and techniques you can use to engage and motivate your audience, whether you are thinking about your customers, employees, students, etc…

It became a marketing hype for a few months, with people calling it a revolution in marketing, while haters claimed this was just another empty buzzword. So who is right? Actually, neither! Mostly because they misunderstood the concept and what is at stake here.

The first step you need to take, is to understand where the word comes from. It is called Gamification because for more than two decades now, the video game industry has been the best at motivating its users.

Computers and consoles invaded our homes during the 90’s and 2000’s. Now the market is even larger, with people spending an incredible amount of time playing on their smartphones and tablets. And why? because games are incredibly good at tapping into people’s core desires to powerfully motivate them.

So, not a real “revolution”, because the solution was right under our nose the whole time if we had care to look at it, instead of dismissing video games as a childish or nerdy hobby. Not an empty buzzword either, unless you think the USD 81 billions made by the video games industry in 2014 is not a good enough proof of the understanding of games’ designers of people’s behaviors. As a comparison, the movie industry generated roughly USD 36 billions the same year…

But in a sense haters were right too. There are many ways to use Gamification in a meaningless way if you don’t understand the key thinking behind it and know which results to expect.

So let’s see what are the key concepts of “good” Gamification and debunk some myths about it!

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